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The CMCP assessment measures acceptable performance across seven (7) domains:

1.0 Core Mission Critical Concepts

2.0 Risk Management

3.0 Safety, Physical Security, and Cybersecurity

4.0 Change Management

5.0 Operations

6.0 Business Continuity

7.0 Mission Critical System Design

 Course Format:

  • Course includes seven modules, each aligned with one of the CMCP knowledge domains noted above.
  • Each module is broken into several sections that focus on specific sub-areas within the referenced knowledge domain.
  • At the beginning of each section, there is a high-level overview of the main topics.
  • This information is followed by several practice questions that help identify areas that may require additional study prior to taking the certification exam.


The Mission Critical Operations Primer By Steve Mustard is an excellent reference and learning tool for students in entry-level programs and those beginning their careers in mission critical operations. It addresses the core principles of mission critical operations, including:

1) The key concepts of mission critical operations
2) Standards and regulations relating to mission critical organizations
3) Mission critical system technologies
4) Mission critical operations activities
5) Safety and physical security in mission critical organizations
6) Risk management methodologies, to understand and address risk
7) Emergency response preparation and execution

The Blueprint

Candidates are encouraged to review the fundamental knowledge domains identified by experienced Mission Critical Operators as being essential knowledge for personnel working in this role.

The Blueprint played an integral part in the creation of the content for the CMCP exam.  It is located in Appendix A of the Candidate CMCP Handbook.

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