Using the CMCO Credential

Proof of the achievement of this certification is provided to those who qualify via a print-ready certificate uploaded to the candidate’s account at and via a digital badge issued through a partner, BadgeCert. Both are issued once the CMCO Program Management Office is notified by Pearson VUE of a person’s successful completion of the exam.

Digital badges are tokens that appear as icons or logos on a web page or other online venue signifying accomplishments, such a certification or mastery of a skill. Candidates will receive access to their CMCO digital badge 3-5 business days after meeting the CMCO assessment requirements. Information on how to access and use the digital badge will be provided in an email sent to the certificant. GSX will maintain a record of the digital badge with certificant metadata. This metadata includes:

  • The issuer’s name (i.e., CMCO);
  • The certificant’s name and e-mail address;
  • A short description of the badge;
  • Other details, such as the issue date and the expiration date.
Digital badges are viewable by the certificant and those to whom the certificant provides his/her unique badge URL. The badge serves as proof that the certificant met all of the CMCO program requirements.

GSX will maintain a registry of all certificants who have met the CMCO requirements. Confirmation of an individual’s CMCO status (as Active or Inactive) will be provided to interested parties upon request, but an individual’s score will not be provided.

Use of CMCO Credentials

Certificants are authorized to use the designation “CMCO” or “Certified Mission Critical Operator” once they have received their CMCO digital badge. Certificants may use this credential on business cards, resumes, and signature lines. This designation signifies that they have met the requirements for the Mission Critical Operator Certification. Certificants can use the designation and/or the URL to their BadgeCert page as long as their certification is active. “CMCO” and “Certified Mission Critical Operator” are the only designations approved for use and should appear after a comma following the certificant’s name. No other designator and no other usage is approved by GSX.

Examples of correct use:
  • Jill A. Smith, CMCO
  • Jill A. Smith, Certified Mission Critical Operator
If the certification expires, the certificant will no longer be authorized to use the designation until he or she has recertified. Use of these credentials beyond the authorized period (without complying with recertification requirements) constitutes unauthorized use of the credential. GSX may also revoke the use of this designation if an individual exhibits signs of misconduct, violation of its policies or for any reason at any time.
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