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Online Refresher Training

For those interested in refreshing their knowledge in the seven knowledge domains used to create the CMCO exam, an online course is available. This course is not a replacement for coursework or field experience, but it can be used to identify areas of knowledge strength and weakness prior to taking the certification exam.

Course Format:

  • Course includes seven modules, each aligned with one of the CMCO knowledge domains noted above.
  • Each module is broken into several sections that focus on specific sub-areas within the referenced knowledge domain.
  • At the beginning of each section, there is a high-level overview of the main topics.
  • This information is followed by several practice questions that help identify areas that may require additional study prior to taking the certification exam.
  • Total course time: 4-6 hours

Candidates may also purchase a package of the Online Refresher Course plus the CMCO exam.

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The Blueprint

Candidates are encouraged to review the seven fundamental knowledge domains identified by experienced Mission Critical Operators as being essential knowledge for personnel working in this role. These seven knowledge domains, including a breakdown of more detailed content areas, make up the CMCO Blueprint.

The Blueprint played an integral part in the creation of the content for the CMCO exam. Once the seven knowledge domains were identified, experts weighted the domains for their relative importance (i.e., how crucial they were to the success as a Mission Critical Operator). These relative importance weightings (see percentages in the table below) were used to set the number of questions on the exam that would assess each topic area. For example, a topic area with a relative importance weighting of 20% means that 17 of the 87 test items are used to assess that particular topic area.

The CMCO assessment measures acceptable performance across these seven knowledge domains:

Domain% of Assessment
1.0 Mission Critical Infrastructure21%
2.0 Safety, Security, and Emergency Response14%
3.0 Critical Production Space14%
4.0 Facility and System Documentation12%
5.0 Networking and Communications5%
6.0 Real-Time Information Management17%
7.0 Operations and Procedures17%

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