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The Importance of Certified Mission Critical Operators

Imagine sitting down at your computer only to find that you have no access to your company’s critical data because your servers are off-line. Or trying to make a purchase online only to find that the system is down. These, and other similar episodes, could happen if Mission Critical data centers are not properly managed or maintained. For excellence in operating a Mission Critical data center, you can count on a Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO).

What is a Mission Critical Operator?

Mission Critical Operators keep data center facilities, technology, and processes running and protected for organizations that require continuous data and software access for success. Using knowledge and skills in information technology (IT), operations technology (OT), and maintenance, Mission Critical Operators ensure that the complex and critical systems that support data centers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Operating data centers that are hyperscale, edge, and everything in between requires a high level of skill and employers are constantly looking for the professionals who can do the job. How do potential employees know if they are ready for this work, and how do employers gain confidence that the candidates they seek are qualified? The CMCO program addresses these vital questions.


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Using the Credential

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We offer various Certified Mission Critical Operator testing packages for individuals and organizations
GSX recently sat down with TJ Ciccone, director of field operations for Coresite, to discuss the importance of CMCO. Hear what TJ has to say in this short video clip.

To learn more about CoreSite, visit their website.

The data center industry is growing, which could lead to a shortage of qualified workers.

In a recent article published in 7x24 Magazine, GSX’s Dr. Joselito Lualhati discusses the importance of taking steps now to avoid a data center shortage.