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What are the differences between CMCO and CMCP?

CMCO is geared toward operators and technicians within the data center industry who need to test their foundational “mission critical” knowledge.  Many of the individuals who obtain CMCO certification are highly encouraged to study and take the CMCP exam as well.

CMCP is a stand-alone certification that is geared toward “professionals” working within all 16 mission critical sectors, including emergency management, energy, financial services, health care, information technology, manufacturing, nuclear, water, wastewater management, data, and others.

*It’s important to note that neither CMCO nor CMCP are IT certifications. In fact, they are specifically focused on protections and safety surrounding mission-critical infrastructures.*

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Mission Critical Operators keep data center facilities, technology, and processes running and protected for organizations that require continuous data and software access for success. Using knowledge and skills in information technology (IT), operations technology (OT), and maintenance, Mission Critical Operators ensure that the complex and critical systems that support data centers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Operating data centers that are hyperscale, edge, and everything in between requires a high level of skill and employers are constantly looking for the professionals who can do the job. How do potential employees know if they are ready for this work, and how do employers gain confidence that the candidates they seek are qualified? The CMCO program addresses these vital questions.

Why become certified in mission critical operations?

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Imagine sitting down at your computer only to find that you have no access to your company’s critical data because your servers are off-line. Or you trying making a purchase online only to find that the system is down. These, and other similar incidents, could happen if mission critical data centers are not properly managed or maintained. For excellence in operating a Mission Critical data center, you can count on a Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO).


A mission critical operation is any operation requiring round-the-clock supervision of systems. Certified Mission Critical Professionals (CMCPs) work to keep facilities running and protected so that there is minimal downtime. CMCPs work to combat the evolving threat of critical infrastructure operations’ failures on a daily basis, and also work to restore systems and mitigate damage when mission critical systems fail.

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Defines requirements of a CMCO expert & professional.

Defines and establishes a single set of standards for the knowledge and skills required to perform competently as a certified mission critical operator.

Allows individuals to prove their achievement of the standards and establishes professional credibility.

Provides organizations the means to manage their workforce, from both the hiring and career progression points of view.

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The CMCO credential is open to any interested persons; however, it is highly recommended for anyone who has one year education in a mission critical academic program, or a person who has one year of work experience in a mission critical environment.


To sit for the CMCP examination, a candidate must meet one of the following requirements:
2-year associate’s degree (with coursework in an information technology or an operations technology related field, such as engineering or information technology), and a minimum of 6 months (2 quarters) of related co-op experience or an equivalent apprenticeship of at least 6 months


2 years of related work experience in a field such as information technology, operational technology, engineering, cybersecurity, or other mission critical fields


Any combination of the two totaling two years of experience or education.

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 CMCO for Organizations

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CMCO Testimonial

Landing a job in the data center industry isn’t easy, even though there’s a shortage of workers. That is why it’s important to get certified in CMCO and CMCP. Just ask Eugene “Scott” Page.
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For many years Scott worked in dangerous situations in the refinery industry. But one day, he was injured, leaving his right arm and shoulder paralyzed. While recuperating, he decided to switch careers and go into mission critical operations. He obtained his associate’s degree then began attending 7×24 conferences, where he met several people who encouraged him to get his CMCO certification.

For two months, Scott studied the CMCO handbook then took the exam. He passed and obtained his certification. Not long after, BGIS offered him a job as a Critical Environment Technician (CET), and he went to work in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Scott says he is definitely glad that he got his degree and the certification: “After I got my degree in December, I decided to go ahead and go for the CMCO certificate. I attacked that like I do any of my other classes: I got the study manual and I studied for approximately 2 months, forward and backward, every day; then I took the certification and passed.” Page also told us: “It is absolutely challenging, especially for someone who has never been the data center field. It’s that one extra bonus that companies are looking for. I would think that if I were in a hiring position and I had a couple candidates to choose from and one had the CMCO certification, I would probably choose that candidate over the one who didn’t,” says Eugene “Scott” Page.